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Seasoned business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, I want to share a fun video from one of the teens I work with. Zach Van Pelt made this spot as a creative way to ask a young woman to Homecoming.

This was simply the best date invitation I have ever seen.

Business Advice: If you ask your customers to the dance with the same gusto and creativity as Zach asked his date to the dance, you are certain to get a kiss.

I wanted to share a brief video from my latest trip. Me, my business partner, and our wives were enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the Mediterranean where we met a fascinating entrepreneur who, I believe, is the very epitome of a bootstrapper.

We met Petro who is the owner of Can’t Be Missed Tours on the train heading down to Florence. He and his team were handing out brochures to the passengers, inviting them to become his touring clients. This channel development strategy fascinated me and I had to learn more. In the video Petro and I talk about where he got his start, his business philosophy, and what the next steps are for his business.


Petro’s information for Can’t Be Missed Tours:
Petro’s Cell Phone: +39-329-129-8182

I just returned from Boston where I had the opportunity to talk with and learn from the great business sage Warren Rustand. This amazing man shared with me, his philosophy for mental preparation. And I’d like to share it with you.

Warren says one of the things he has discovered is the necessity of preparing the mind to have a great day.

“I have a drill I do every morning.” He explains that it works for him, it’s worked for millions of others, and it will work for you. It’s about, “Setting your mindset for success.” Here’s a brief explanation of the steps:

1.    Pop out of bed. Sit on the edge of bed and think great thoughts about yourself and the impact that you’ll have on people during the day.

2.    Set apart the next 30 minutes broken into10 minute segments, in the following way:
       – Read great, positive, inspiring thoughts. Avoid anything negative.
       – Sit back and think great thoughts about the world. Think outside of your immediate environment. Extend your        thought to the world.
       – Take out a personal journal. Handwrite (no electronic device or data processing) the great things that are going on in your life.

These are Warren Rustand’s simplified actions to have a more positive mindset and in turn to be more successful each day.

Although I’ve applied portions of that to my life, here and there, I’ve never done so in that sequence. I’m excited about applying this to my morning—in fact I’ve already started! And I hope you’ll join me.

Warren isn’t just talking here–he’s lived it. He’s worked for US Presidents, earned a gold medal, ran large corporations—he’s the epitome of what I aspire to.

I’d like to thank Warren for taking time to share and teach me. I know this will have a large impact on our success if we apply it.

As Warren says at the close of the video, “I think that’s what our life is about. It’s learning from each other, sharing with each other, and then caring for each other. When we do that, we will impact the world.”

Well said, by a great man.

I have to share an interview I did with an incredibly smart and entertaining entrepreneur, Andrew Lock. When he started the interview by asking me questions about which types of hamburgers I preferred, I knew I was in for some fun. After all, on Lock’s site it says his show, Help My Business Sucks “…has become more popular than a supermodel at a Catholic boarding school.”

But don’t let all these jokes fool you–Andrew is a brilliant entrepreneur who has been at it since he was a kid. Anyone can watch his free, weekly Web TV show. Learn about starting a business, running a business, marketing, and more. Or as Lock says learn to “get more done and have more fun.”

I’d love for you to watch this interview where Andrew Lock and I discuss business, being an entrepreneur, bootstrapping, and of course–The Zig Zag Principle. We even talked a bit about which cookie reigns supreme. Please enjoy the interview and come back again to for the next episode of this wildly popular show, Help My Business Sucks.

Tomorrow is the big day.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, October 4th and it’s the day the books, my books, hit the shelves.

This is the day I wondered about before I decided to write the book. This is the day I dreamed about back at the beginning of the project. This is the day I longed for a few months ago when we were in the thick of things. This is the day that marks an important zig in my path. And now…this is the day I’m going to enjoy and celebrate. I will enjoy this day knowing that this book, The Zig Zag Principle, is the best I have to offer.

Over the past several months, via my blog, I have published excerpts from the book. I have shared zigzagging examples from my businesses. I have highlighted some of my favorite zigzaggers both public and private. Today I’d like to share The Zig Zag Principle book trailer.

I’d also like to invite everyone to participate in the events we have lined up in conjunction with the book launch. We’ve planned Webinars, speaking events, and we’re holding a big launch party in a couple weeks. I’d love for you to join our celebration. Releasing a book is a crazy and fun experience. Wish me luck, and let’s have a blast.

Yippee! We Have the Baby! This week we received the press copies of The Zig Zag Principle from the publisher McGraw-Hill. The books turned out fantastic. I’m thrilled!

As I hold the printed books in my hands, I’d like to thank many of my close friends and advisors who have been so generous and forthcoming in their support. As of today, we’ve pre-sold over 7500 books, which was no small feat. So again, I thank you for the incredible support.

On October 4th—one week from today—The Zig Zag Principle officially launches. If you haven’t already ordered a copy, I’d encourage you to go online and pre-order. You can also order at

Next we’re throwing a launch party that we’re super excited about! Everyone is invited to come celebrate with our teams The Ziggin’ Moms and The Zaggin’ Teens (The Ziggin’ Moms and The Zaggin’ Teens are two teams of entrepreneurial women and teenagers who are successfully applying the Zig Zag Principle to their businesses.)

At the event we’ll deliver tons of useful content and Lightening Skills that you can use to energize your business. And of course, we’ll celebrate the release of the new book.

If you haven’t signed up for the party, I invite you to register today. We’d love for you to join the celebration.

The Zig Zag Principle is going to hit the New York Times Best-Seller List. I’m confident of that. We’ve pre-sold a phenomenal number of books. Now look for great things to come in the next several weeks. You will see The Zig Zag Principle covered by the press, I’ll be doing interviews, and the book will receive great exposure all around. I invite everyone to engage and participate in this. Please share your Zig Zag stories and your stories about success with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and have a great day.

Rich Christiansen

PS- Please join me for one of the following upcoming events:
–        Sept 27 • Special Webinar 5-6pm MT, register & participate

–        Sept 28 • Twitter Party 7-9pm MT, @richchristianse, #zigzag

–        Oct 4 • Official Book Launch! Join the teleseminar where Rich will answer your Zigzag questions. Teleseminar from noon to 1pm MT, 801-656-2240 code: 021334#

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Video Message From Rich Christiansen

I keep two pictures in my office to remind me of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Both of these pictures are of beautiful and awe-inspiring places in nature. I enjoy hiking and I really appreciate how the analogies of hiking through some rough parts of nature are so closely aligned with what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The similarities are almost unbelievable.

In life and in business as an entrepreneur, much of what we face is hard. Sometimes all you can do is grit your teeth and use your determination to work your way through without forgetting to look up and enjoy the beauty.

Please enjoy this video and my thoughts about a recent trip through the magnificent Zion Narrows in Zion National Park in Southern Utah.

Due to the high amount of wind atop a 12,169-foot mountain, this video is a bit hard to hear. Below is the transcription of the audio. I hope you enjoy the view from the top as well as the inspiration I enjoy while working with these young Boy Scouts.

Richard: Alright everyone…we are on top of Delano, which is a 12,200 feet peak in the Tushar Mountain range in Utah. We’re here with the Boy Scouts.

(To the Boy Scouts) Guys this is the most important talk we will have had this entire trip. So, who thought the hike up was a little tough?

(Boy Scouts agreeing it was difficult.)

That is an important life lesson. Nothing in life that is worth having is easy. Throughout your entire life you will face dragons. Remember when we were looking at the Devil’s Tooth and everyone started saying, “Ah! I can’t do this, I’m really nervous.”

There are a lot of moments in life that are scary and the reality is that the number one thing anything worth having in life is hard, and it takes hard work. If something is easy then everyone else has done it and it’s not worth having.

The second point is we zig zagged all the way up here. What if we would have headed straight up that mountain? What do you think would have happened?

A Boy Scout:We would have died!”

Richard: We would not have made it. We would have fallen off those cliffs. So indeed we have proven again today that Zig Zag is a fundamental true principle.

Everyone: It’s AWESOME! We can make it ANYWHERE!




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Right now I’m currently in New York City! I love it here, it’s been such a great trip! I got to met with McGraw Hill to wrap things up and to finalize The Zig Zag Principle‘s release date, which is October 4th, 2011. I started down this amazing path about 6 months and 2 weeks ago. What a fun ride it has been. Please feel free to Pre-Order to get your copy hot of the press, and also to partake of the free tools on my site that I hope will help all entrepreneurs with their endeavors.