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Harry Potter

Sunday night my wife and I drove down to our mountain condo and spent the night giving us all Monday as an uninterrupted day to read Harry Potter. Monday evening we reluctantly left Mr. Harry Potter dangling with the dilemma of how to break into Hogwarts School in order to attend my 25th year high school class reunion.

Harry Potter

As we stepped into the reunion and began greeting some of my fellow classmates, for a moment I thought one of the Death Eaters chasing Mr. Potter must have followed us out of our car into the party. I felt a cold sucking feeling at my nostrils. I am not one to experience much nerves, but here these people that I had not seen in many many years were causing me some discomfort. Why?

With in a few moments all of us had relaxed and we had an enjoyable evening visiting, laughing, and talking. In the evening discussions, several other individuals expressed the tentativeness with which they had also approached the reunion. We laughed as we self confessed that for some reason those formative teen years left lasting insecurities, and here we were with the very people that were best equipped to poke at those tender nerves. We concluded that through the past 25 years we have all mellowed and realized that we all have our strengths and weaknesses and harsh judging is very dangerous. Although in dramatically different places in life, our common roots bond us. There is joy is savoring the successes of our classmates and also joy in shedding a tear regarding their sorrows.

As I left the reunion my wife and I resumed reading Harry Potter just at the point he was returning secretly to Hogwarts and was reunited with his old friends.


As we read this, two thoughts dashed through my mind. The first being how grateful I have been to have many amazing true dear friends through the years. The second being how glad I am to be a bit older and have experienced a few bumps and bruises taking off the harsh crass arrogant edge and zeal of youth.

As I visited with my old classmates, the more we discussed what was uncommon amongst us, the more I realized how much in common there was amongst us.

This past week as a family reward I was able to take 3 of my sons and my daughter to see Les Miserable’ for the first time in their life. This is my favorite Broadway play and inevitably moves me to tear up. This showing was no exception.

I was intrigued with the perceptions that my children had of the play. I also took great joy in watching their reaction. The life long balance of mercy vs. justice, and having rules vs. total chaos really struck my children. They were particularly moved in the senseless death of Gavroche the young boy killed at the barricade.

My 14 year old son really made the summary statement as we were driving home that night. In relationship to Javert and his clench on hunting down Jean Valjean, he stated. “Man, I felt like going down on the stage and shaking the guy, he just needed to learn to let it go already.

So it is. We all have things in our lives that we have to “just let it go already”. Whether a bad relationship, someone who has done us wrong, or just a bad experience. Those that end up most miserable and dismal in life are those who simply don’t let it go.