Today I received an email from a good friend of mine that included a video one of his associates made regarding the things we should be grateful for in life. I preempted the post I had already prepared thinking how much more appropriate this one would be, given the upcoming holiday.

We’re so blessed to be a part of the business community and to have the capability of making an impact on the world. It is especially nice during this time of the year to have a reminder to reflect and acknowledge the important and joyful things in our lives. My mentor, Alan Hall, frequently asserts that giving all credit and acknowledgement to God is one of his most profound and vital principles. I think one of the greatest attributes that we need to remember and apply in our lives is to not think that we have achieved all these things ourselves, but to look around and to be really grateful for the beautiful things that God has given us. Oftentimes even the challenges are growth opportunities where we can experience gratitude. I want to thank Alan for sharing this message with me. I now share it with you with the hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.