So frequently we freak ourselves out in life and in business by overthinking it. By making things far more complex than they are we actually set ourselves up for failure. This week I had just such an experience with the game and drug of my choice: Golf.

Typically my life reflects my golf game. Earlier in the week my business partner Curtis Blair and I went out for a quick round of golf after work. I was loose, calm, comfortable, and relaxed while we dialoged about the week’s upcoming events. In this casual, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere I shot 4 over par with several birdies bringing my score to a smoking 76.

A little later that week I was invited to play golf with an individual I greatly respect at a stuffy, snooty country club. This individual also happens to be a former professional football player who can outdrive me regularly by 80 yards. I’ve always been slightly intimidated by the blue-blood atmosphere of country clubs to begin with and it wasn’t long before I found myself in a full-scale, all-out meltdown. I hit more double bogies on that round of golf than the entire season. Rather than a 76 I ended up with probably an 86.

What was the difference? I was simply too wound up. This experience is a perfect example for your personal life or business. I came up with a few guidelines for myself and wanted to share them with you.

Number One: Don’t overthink it. Allow your natural gut reaction to blend with logic and avoid hyper analyzing the situation.

Number Two: When something intimidates you or causes a little fear the reaction is usually to push through it as fast as you can and get it over with. I would give you the exact opposite counsel. Take it. Look at it. Inspect it and say, “Hey! What’s causing that emotion?” Once you’ve done that for several minutes you will probably feel that you are more a little more equipped to deal with it.

Number Three: Once you decide on a course of action, commit to it! Simply commit.

Number Four: Don’t take any risk or jump to any action where you wouldn’t want to live with the result. Play what I call conservatively aggressive. Take the conservative shot but do so aggressively.

Number Five: Trust in yourself. Believe in yourself and simply damn the torpedoes and go for it.

Number Six: Establish a routine. Once you get into one you’ll find that things seem more natural and easy. This is one way to make your work a slam-dunk experience for you. This will restore confidence and get your mojo going again.

After my disastrous experience on the golf course last Wednesday I had to go out one more time to reclaim my game. Today, once again, I returned to a calm, confident, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ golf game and I am proud to announce four birdies out of 18 holes today.

Go grow your business with confidence, assertion, in a calm, cool, and confident way, believing you can do it. I look forward to hearing great things from you. Keep me posted.