I returned this past week from Europe and in returning I crossed a significant hurdle. I achieved the 1 million-mile mark with Delta Airlines. They alerted me to this with a wonderful notice and awarded me a gift. This achievement made me think about how I got to this point. I included the math below.

1 million miles. 1 million miles equals 40.16 trips around the world. With an average speed of 275 miles per hour that is 2,666 hours in the air, not counting gate time. That’s a total of 111.1 days which means I spent 3.7 months in an airplane. Most trips are an average of 3,000 miles which calculates to 333 trips with each trip costing me an average of $500. All in all I spent $166,666 dollars and what did I get in return?

I got a handbag awarded to me from Delta Airlines and a huge layover headache. It’s all in the marketing isn’t it?