This past weekend I was able to travel down to my hometown community area. I grew up in a rural town called Beaver where there were 1,000 of us, if you counted the cows. Close to this area is a little town called Cedar City. This is a dynamic and incredible town. I was able to go there and it felt so good. I was very impressed by this little community. Thank you for having me, I’m going to put this acknowledgement up here on my trophy case, so thank you, Cedar City.

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Europe and I went to many of the great tourist destinations, but not one of them had anything over Cedar City. This community has perfected an amazing ability to attract tourists from all over the world based on civic and community leaders working with small business owners. It is not often that you witness city-planning working in such great cooperation with entrepreneurs.

Cedar City’s Main Street is absolutely beautiful. It is lined with quaint little shops and businesses and period appropriate statues. There are benches and trees and everything is absolutely delightful. It is themed around the Shakespeare Festival. In addition to that you also have Southern Utah University, which is just an outstanding school. There are Summer Games that take place there as well as bike tours. Each weekend there’s a fun activity or event with some sort of theme taking place in the park.

The final result is that these strategies and events are able to very effectively drive commerce to all of the surrounding businesses. My hat is off to you, Cedar City. Thank you for having me come down. It’s always good to come home. God speed the Queen and bless you in the future.