It’s amazing how we think we understand and grasp everything in life. It makes me think of the masses of old that thought the world was flat. We are like children, so naive to what lies before us. My eyes have recently opened to a new opportunity. I am currently involved with a company that stands on the leading edge of nanoparticle technology.

These magical, voodoo-like little nanoparticles do things that I find hard to wrap my brain around. For example, silver and gold nanoparticles diluted to one part per million and then sprayed onto a towel will embed themselves in the microfibers. You can then use that towel to wipe off a surface and those nanoparticles will kill all the bacteria it touches. It’s all but impossible to get this towel to stink! Believe me, I know! I’ve been trying.

Another example of this new technology can be applied to your car. A special type of nanoparticle placed in your engine will not only increase gas mileage but it also decreases emissions dramatically. Now, the challenge with this new technology is figuring out how to mass create it and distribute it to the general public. There are so many different ways this technology could be used.

I recall having a discussion some fifteen years ago in my office with a very intelligent engineer. He stated that the World Wide Web would never come to anything more than just a slight information portal and certainly no commerce would ever occur on it. His belief was that the Internet would be a scholastic endeavor rather than a business one.

I look back at that conversation some fifteen years ago and can only laugh as I trace the incredible bursts of opportunity that occurred because of that game-changing technology not only in the United States, but also throughout the entire world. It is my belief that we need to continually look for these new game-changing technologies such as nanoparticles.

Here is the good news: There are more opportunities to become involved now than ever before in the history of the world. It’s like a giant Easter egg hunt to find and become involved in these incredible, shifting technologies. Go find your nanoparticles and share in the profit and the fun.