We’ve been attempting to open a certain brand for the last two years and it’s driving me nuts. These guys have been snobby, snooty, and they put their nose in the air every time we approach them. We would be an incredible asset for these guys, but I can’t get the time of day from them!

I was down at a trade show in Las Vegas this week and ran into them and I got a little indignant back. I told our potential account manager, “Everyone wants to kiss us but you. What is the problem?”

Well, at a certain point it just doesn’t matter anymore so you have to surprise Broca. I’ve got my team here and I’m going to do something a little bit unexpected. I’m going to send them a nice Zigzag book here and a letter. I’m not going to use their real names, in case they watch this video.

Dear Bill and Bob,

Bob, great to see you again at the show this week. As discussed we invite and challenge you to come check up on Froghair and at Bill’s request to come visit us at our corporate headquarters. We not only invite this but we’d be delighted in it. Enclosed is a coupon for two free airline tickets. That’s right. We’ll pay for you to come visit us here. Let us known when and where and we’ll arrange the tickets.

We know we could drive some really high-end sales to high-value customers. We’re tired of throwing these dollars away. Let s reclaim them.

P.S. The story of Froghair is at the end of each chapter in a section called “Eating Your Own Cooking”.

I’ve signed and dated the book and am going to add ripped up bills. I’m including $26.00 worth of ones, fives, and tens. If that doesn’t get their attention I dont know what will, but at some point, who cares? Go do something crazy! It feels really good.