I’m on vacation and traveling with my family in Peru. Yesterday my sons and I entered into a discussion while touring in the remote Peruvian Highlands. We wondered if it was possible to do anything new or set any new world records. Our main question was this: With the billions and billions of people that have lived on the face of the Earth is there anything that hasn’t been done?

I eagerly embraced the bet and told my sons that I bet them their choice of drinks that night at dinner that within the next hour we could do something that had never been done in the history of the world. As we made our next stop at a little tea-house I had them assemble, had each put a leaf in his mouth, gather close, and above 15,000 feet proceeded to do the Chicken Dance while running around in a circle. They laughed and laughed, conceded the bet to me, and I have no doubt that we did something that arguably had never been done there on that spot in the history of the world.

Let me say with boldness that equal opportunities lie ahead of us in business and in our personal lives. Not only is it fun to dance like a chicken above 15,000 feet sea level, but it is also really fun and equally challenging to create and execute new, innovative ideas and actions in our business. The opportunities are plentiful. We just have to look at them with a bright, fresh, open-minded perspective. Have a blast. Go do your Chicken Dance on the high planes of Peru.