In 1942 a young German woman named Maria Reiche arrived in Peru, very eager to learn and explore Machu Picchu. While in the capital of Lima she was approached by another German man who was there to study strange symmetrical lines in the Highland Desert. He invited Maria to come and start helping him document these interesting lines. When she arrived in the Nazca area she was absolutely captivated by what she discovered.

Some years earlier during the construction of the Pan-American Highway the civil engineers had cut straight through the valley, stomping through what was one of the greatest discoveries that Maria and this other gentleman were to make. These strange symmetrical lines were largely ignored until commercial airliners began observing the lines as they flew over them. As Maria began walking the lines and geometrically diagraming and cataloging them she discovered all sorts of strange animals like spiders, condors, whales, monkeys, humming birds, and other amazing animals. Maria came to spend several years in Peru and instead ended up spending her entire life. Individuals initially thought she was crazy. Here was this German woman out in the desert sleeping in the desert next to her Volkswagen Beetle, but over time as she documented and published her discoveries everyone began to realize her great contributions and take interest in what she was uncovering. 

We know today that the Nazca Lines accumulate approximately one hundred and fifty characters. The oldest character has been estimated to create around eight hundred years before Christ. The newest was probably created some seven or eight hundred years after Christ. Nobody knows exactly why these lines were created. Were they religious in nature? Are they the byproduct of UFOs? But indeed, the only way to observe the Nazca lines is how I did it today by flying over them. Nazca lines are something I’ve been looking forward to seeing for years and I’m so glad I was finally able to do it. I can attest that these lines are truly one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

The question that I had today as I was flying over the Nazca Lines is what great hidden treasures are we stepping on in our lives? Are we cutting roads through personal treasures just like the civil engineers of the Pan-American Highway did without even recognizing that we were standing on some great hidden treasure? At times life requires us to back up in order to achieve a higher altitude in order to see the bigger picture and then voila! You will begin to have spiders, monkeys, whales, condors, hummingbirds, and all sorts of other very interesting creations appear. In our life we have to make certain we take the time to get proper perspective or else we can end up destroying the most valuable and precious things around us. Look for perspective in all aspects of your life for business and personal.