This weekend a young man named Tenzing Norbu graduated with his Associate’s Degree. Tenzing is one of the young men where I’m involved and participating in his education. He received a high honor called the Lorenzo Snow Man of the Year Award. This afforded him the opportunity to address the entire student body as well as the other attendees in the Commencement Exercises.

I was deeply moved as Tenzing recounted his life story, expressed gratitude that he had been able to receive his education, and conveyed excitement at the difference that he would make in the world. I think as he completed his address there wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium and it renewed my commitment on living, loving, learning, and mattering.

Indeed we all have the opportunity to live, to eat, to sustain life. We have the opportunity to feel love and to reach out to people and show tender expressions. We have the opportunity to learn and to grow and to intellectually stimulate ourselves. However, the most important driver during a life-long quest is that of doing something that matters.

As I listened to Tenzing’s expressions of excitement and hope for the future I realized that one of my life’s missions is to indeed educate young men and women in third world countries and that is much of my matter. It inspires me, it motivates me, it gives me hope, and it actually makes all the other crazy things that I have to do in life worth it.

Each one of us in our lives must find our matter. At some point or another we must deeply search for what our matter is and attempt to give back and to make this world a better place. Otherwise, life is fleeting.

I challenge each of us to think and to look forward to ways that we can matter and make a difference in this world. Tenzing I congratulate you and expect great things for you in the future.