Rich: Hey! Rich Christiansen here. Their name matters. I’m here with Lane Tucker. He’s the base operations manager at Eagle Point and every time I come down here everybody knows my name! It makes me actually want to come here more. I took a large group of twenty young men down here and Lane and his staff knew all their names. This is one of the most service-friendly places I’ve ever been. Lane tell us a little about Eagle Point and about your philosophies.

Lane: Here at Eagle Point we make it a point to get to know everybody that we come in contact with. If we don’t know your name we’ll at least be able to recognize your face. We people to know us and we want to be able to know you. We’re a small resort with a home-town feel and we want it to be quaint and for people to be happy.

Rich: I gotta tell ya, this is the greatest snow on earth, and I’m gonna grab the camera here and I’m going to show you. I have a ski resort thirty minutes from my home but this is where I come. This is where I come to ski every single time and it’s largely because of the service and anyone (here, I’m going to give you the camera back. This is real, raw, and relevant) every time they come down here they say this is the best-kept secret in the world. This is the best skiing in Utah. Today I sang at the top of my lungs. No one was within five lifts of me. Good thing no one heard me. I didn’t have to wait in a line once. This is the best skiing in Utah so come and visit Lane here at Eagle Point.

Lane: Thanks.