Rich: Hi everyone! Today I’m here with Desire Ward. 

Desi: Hello!

Rich: I’ve been mentoring Desi. Desi has just launched a new website called Unconvential Kitchen. In the first couple of months this site has grown to 4,500 subscribers. Desi is the cat’s meow but she is facing something that is extremely challenging for all young entrepreneurs. Give a big sigh. 

Desi: Woah. 

Rich: Overwhelmed?
Desi: Yes, overwhelmed.
Rich: Here, let me show you how Desi is doing it. Desi, there’s lots of stuff going on, ready? CATCH!
(Rich tosses a bunch of golf balls at Desi) 

See all the balls drop on the ground? Let’s try that again. 

Desi: This is why I love Rich. He’s a great mentor.

Rich: Let’s try this again. She caught three. Now, drop those. There’s a better way.
Desi: Let’s see if I can actually catch these.
(Rich tosses them to her one at a time.)
Rich: She only dropped three that time and caught a few more. Now, multi-tasking is stupid and it does not work. Multi-tasking is stupid and it does not work. Pick your top three things you have to do in your life, for example, Desi? You just identified your top three. Pick your top three things you have to do in life and then DO them. Don’t try catching all the balls at one time or you will absolutely drop them.