When I began writing The Zig Zag Principle I strongly knew that I wanted to have a section about eating your own cooking. When I wrote Bootstrap Business I already had a great story about the business I was currently running. We grew from $5,000 to $1.2 million the first year and then over $2 million the second year. We sold the business two years, three months, and nine days after creating it. However, there was one resounding complaint. It was, “Sure, Rich. But you’ve done it thirty-five times already.”

When doing The Zig Zag Principle I wanted it to be an independent success story. We based Froghair on the principles in the Zig Zag book and by following those principles I was able to report in the book that in the first year alone Froghair indeed had grown to just over $3 million in sales. Today I’m very proud to announce The Rest of the Story.

Two years after having been created, Froghair grew to $4.4 million in sales with a 14% net margin of $603,000 net profit. (Not bad for a $5,000 start.) My expectation is this coming year Curtis and Shane will yet double the business again. But what I’m MORE proud of is how literally and exacting the team has applied the principles. Now that’s not to say there haven’t been some extreme ups and downs. After that first year we had a major supply problem and indeed the company had a near death experience. However, through perseverance and determination on both the supply and consumer side of the business we’ve completely stabilized. I would like to publicly give a hat tip to Curtis, Shane, Jared, Emily, and all the other team members who have been involved in this effort. What you’ve done is spectacular and I will tell everyone boldly and publicly that the principles and concepts in Zig Zag work. They work! They work! They work! If you apply them you will see a dramatic impact in your own life. Now this isn’t saying it’s easy, because it’s extremely hard and oftentimes you feel like you’re hanging on with your fingernails, but it’s so totally worth it.

I look forward to hearing the rest of your own story.