Today is the 26th of December and it’s been snowing aggressively all day. Cars are slipping and sliding everywhere. To be honest I was very concerned not only for the weather, but because I knew our 4th quarter was somewhat in jeopardy. We had a tremendous volume of orders, but with all the bad weather many trucks had been delayed.

As I arrived at the office I saw Jared Maruji (who was hired one year ago as an intern) on a forklift and I gasped as I saw the forklift slipping and sliding around the parking lot, losing traction. You see, one week ago Jared had never driven a forklift. Curtis Blair, our general manager looked at him and said, “I haven’t either. Figure it out.” Jared said, “Will do.” That’s indeed the attitude I’ve seen the entire day. We’ve not just filled up our warehouse. We’ve not just filled up our neighbor’s warehouse. We’ve also filled up the largest shipping group’s warehouse down the road in an attempt to get all our orders out and fulfill a tremendous 4th quarter.

I can’t stand talk, but what I love is action and results and today I’m proudly declaring that Froghair has lived the results of establishing a powerful, value culture. It was an impossible situation. Everything that could go wrong went wrong from constant snow, to three trucks backed up, to not many people available in the office, yet everyone who was available jumped in to help. They showed incredible competence. I didn’t need to give any ra-ra speeches either. Cooperation ensued. Everyone went and just instantly hit the problem area, sensing what was going on, and solved problems all on their own. Incredible independence as well as accountability was shown as everyone jumped in to help. Everyone else wanted to be skiing instead, but they didn’t leave. They stuck it out until everything was taken care of and solved.

Those key elements are just a few of the values that Froghair employs. And I have to tell you, what is the result? I’m very proud at the very end of the year to announce that Froghair has endured, sustained, and expanded which is the key purpose of having values. 

If you’ll recall the first year of this little company we grew from $5,000 to just over $3 million in sales. This year we’ll come close to hitting $5 million in sales and my expectation for next year is that the team will indeed double that. Doing what it takes and being willing to make sacrifices is 9/10ths of succeeding in business. And by the way, working hard on the 26th of December, the day after you’ve drunk a little too much eggnog and eaten a little too much Christmas candy results in the sweet smell of profit. I tip my hat to this Froghair team. I commend them for what they’ve done and I challenge each of you to set your values the first of the year and be willing to do what it takes to succeed. Quit grumbling about it. Get out and make it happen. You can do it.