I love the story of the old crusty New York politician that made the statement, “I don’t care what you say about me, just make sure you spell my name properly.” Indeed, the power of getting your name or your business in the press or in the news is so powerful. I’ve always known this but I’ve come to a stark realization of the dramatic importance of it, particularly at this time.

Recently Google made dramatic changes to their algorithm known as the Panda update. This Panda update looks at two things. First of all it looks at trending data to help rank in the search engines. The second thing that it looks at is disparity of traffic sources meaning traffic from various locations.

Media, specifically press, helps address both of these problems in a very coherent fashion while actually driving true, real converting customers to your product. 
I first realized the full impact of press at the hands of my dear friend David McInnis. David indeed was the founder of PRWeb, a major online press release service, and at the launch of Zig Zag principle David was kind enough to come and spend several days with me helping me tie and piggyback Zig Zag concepts directly onto hot and trending news topics.

It was brilliantly and masterfully executed and I watched with great delight as David was able to strategically tie into an Apple product release that gained great momentum and Zig Zag was at the very top of the news listings tied into that momentum. If you have not yet considered or used the medium of press releases I would strongly encourage you to do it.

David McInnis has formed a company called Cranberry.com. Indeed he consults only with selective, small businesses and helps them launch. If you fit these criteria and have interest in engaging the press to help your business erupt I would encourage you to reach out to David and see if there’s a way that he can help you with your efforts.