Several weeks ago my dear friend and trusted ally David McInnis and I met in my office, hunkered down in our war room, and killed penguins. 

NOT the animal penguins but Google Penguins. 

As many of you know, Google recently updated their algorithm into two very distinct updates, the first being Panda named after one of the engineers that developed this new protocol and the second was Penguin. This is not so nice of a little animal. Indeed this update was very destructive to many of my websites as well as the websites of my peers. 
This update shifted the focus from link relevance to actual user behavior protocols. 
As David and I went through this there were several major behaviors that became evident that had to be adjusted. I have included a link on a post that David did on this dialog and will not repeat that information but would encourage you to go to David’s link below for more detail. 
However I will summarize the four critical points that will help you effectively kill Penguin.
1. Optimize your copy and all of your on-page meta data for people, not for search engines. Gone are the days of writing content for search engines.
2. Create relationships. You now actually have to focus on creating long-term relationships in your copy and on your pages.
3. Shift focus away from yourself. Don’t be afraid to link to others and actually add value to the user experience. The longer you can get the customer to stay on your site and actually find engaging, good data, the stronger you will be.
4. Diversify. You now need to focus on getting traffic and connections not just from one source but from a variety of sources on the web.

Good luck. I hope you enjoy David’s article and go forward and don’t let the penguins kill you.