The last post that I did communicated the power of a whiteboard and the power of doing a brain dump and then listing all the various options. Today’s post is all about being bold, going ahead, and ranking your priorities.

One of the fun family traditions that we have is we have what we call Epic Family Home Evenings. Every week, or sometimes every other week, I’ll plan a really special fun, crazy family activity. This week we had a progressive dinner where we started with different types of cheeses that we brought back from Europe and we then had a nice dinner followed up with a dessert sampling of all the different chocolates we’d purchased throughout our recent European trip.

We had each participant rank the 16 flavors of chocolate and cheese and we even went as far as building a spreadsheet displaying the results. Not only was it just a hoot and a heck of a lot of fun to sample the dramatic variant differences of the types of chocolates and cheeses it also generates lively discussion and it’s amazing how consistent you end up getting on it.

The exact same thing is true in your business. If you ever get into a situation of, “What should I do first?” or “Wow, look at all these different options!” just do what we talked about last week on the whiteboard and throw it up there. Be bold, live dangerously, and go ahead, rank it. Or, as Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus series says, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

There’s no harm, no foul. Go ahead and rank them using whatever system you want. It helps you once again practice that 80/20 rule and get some priority in your life. 
One of my favorite books is called Golf is Not a Game of Perfect and the statement that he makes is that in golf it doesn’t matter what shot you hit, you just have to commit to the shot. Not committing to something is the worst error you can make not only in tasting chocolate but also in business and in life.
Rank it, commit to it, prosper.