One hour ago our luggage was sitting in the belly of a plane scheduled to arrive in New York City while the rest of us were waiting to board a rerouted flight that would take us to Paris and from there to Barcelona. We’d been rerouted due to flight delays but our luggage had not and to make matters worse we found that it would not be forwarded to our final destination. As our luggage sat there on the plane right in front of us, getting ready to travel in the opposite direction, it seemed there was no chance of recovery.

Knowing full well that traveling for two weeks through the Mediterranean, Greece, and Turkey without any fresh clothes or anything would have been a total nightmare I did my best to fix the situation. As I spoke to different gate agents about recovering our luggage the overwhelming and resounding response was, “Once the plane is loaded we can do nothing about it.”

I received the answer “No” twelve times. 
Finally, not being rude, but being a little brisk, I asked to be escalated.  I explained the situation to the gate agent Red Coat named Diana who was very understanding and sympathetic and she began making calls. We soon discovered that Diana authorized a girl named Kelly to do what they call a baggage reclaim. Kathy dug through the belly of the plane and pulled seven of our eight pieces of luggage off the plane just before it left. We could now begin our much-anticipated vacation with peace of mind and our luggage in tow thanks to the wonderful Diana and Kathy.

After the dozen times of politely asking the same question in different methods, namely, “How do I get my luggage off that plane?” I found an answer other than, “It is not possible” by exploring another venue.  My experience time and time again in both my personal life and in my business career is that when you get the answer “No” it simply means that you’ve asked the question the wrong way.  Oftentimes you have to escalate to get to the right person who can answer your question and do it in a way that doesn’t tick everyone off. I would encourage you in your personal life and in your business life that if you’re not getting the response you need to step back and take a look at the questions you are asking. Hearing the word “No” does not mean you’ve hit a dead end. It simply means that you’ve asked the question in the wrong way.

In closing I want to repeat my thankfulness for the level of support that was offered to me by Diana the Red Coat agent of Delta and Kathy the baggage recovery claim girl. They were absolutely delightful and I compliment them to the highest level of how they handled the situation. Indeed I am a Platinum Medallion level member with Delta so I’m sure that helped get a little extra special attention; nonetheless they took time on a personal level to understand my needs. I so appreciate their willingness to help our group out of a tough situation and get us started on the right foot. You saved our vacation and for that I deeply thank you both.