Alan E. Hall, champion of entrepreneurs, has joined with Zions Bank and Comcast to create regional business competitions to support, encourage, and strengthen entrepreneurship wherever and whenever it is found. Details of the business competitions will be announced at a press conference on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.  The contests will provide $1,000,000 in cash awards and services  for participating entrepreneurs.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

11:00 am


Zions Bank’s Founders Room

One South Main Street, 18th Floor

Salt Lake City, Utah 84133



Alan E. Hall, Founder of Grow America

Scott Anderson, President & CEO of Zions bank

Steve Lindsley, President, Comcast Spotlight


The first 2012 competition will take place May 21, 2012. More details here.

Grow America expects thousands of entries and will award prizes in three main areas of focus:

— Idea Category (Concept): I have an idea for a business; I don’t have a complete plan for my business; I have not invested significant resources into validating my business assumptions; I am looking for money I can use to validate my idea.

— Start-up Category (Emerging Business): I have a plan for my business and have started validating my assumptions; I have started talking with potential customers; I know what resources it will take to build my product or service, and I am looking for money to get started.

— Ramp-up Category (Growth): I am currently operating the business; my business is breaking even and has generated profits; I have established sales and sales projections; I am looking for money to go to the next level.

About Grow America

Grow America is a national company emerging from Utah with a mission to create jobs and lift local economies. Grow America aligns the partners, mentors and capital that entrepreneurs need to create and grow tomorrow’s successful companies. As an organization, Grow America has five components: competitions, e-commerce tools, curriculum and educational tools, community support, and charitable giving. (For more information, visit .)

Beyond the creation and expansion of early stage and growth companies, Grow America’s ultimate goal is to put America back to work, one company and one community at a time.