I have to share an interview I did with an incredibly smart and entertaining entrepreneur, Andrew Lock. When he started the interview by asking me questions about which types of hamburgers I preferred, I knew I was in for some fun. After all, on Lock’s site it says his show, Help My Business Sucks “…has become more popular than a supermodel at a Catholic boarding school.”

But don’t let all these jokes fool you–Andrew is a brilliant entrepreneur who has been at it since he was a kid. Anyone can watch his free, weekly Web TV show. Learn about starting a business, running a business, marketing, and more. Or as Lock says learn to “get more done and have more fun.”

I’d love for you to watch this interview where Andrew Lock and I discuss business, being an entrepreneur, bootstrapping, and of course–The Zig Zag Principle. We even talked a bit about which cookie reigns supreme. Please enjoy the interview and come back again to for the next episode of this wildly popular show, Help My Business Sucks.