Next week is the week of good books! The Zig Zag Principle is releasing Tuesday, and my good friend Randy Garn is releasing his book Prosper—Create The Life You Really Want next week as well. I’m excited for both events because I love a good story about success, especially when it features zigzagging entrepreneurs.

Randy and his co-author Ethan Willis are zigzag entrepreneurs. They have worked in the eCommerce, real estate, investment, and the personal development sectors; zigzagging their way to success. Garn and Willis’ new Prosper Book is a great read because it shows people how to find prosperity and still maintain a balance in life.

Life balance is hugely important whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. It’s something I preach and strongly beleive in, and it’s just one reason I think this new book is important. Within the pages of Prosper Book you willl learn the following skills and techniques for finding prosperity and life balance.

   1. Find your personal Polaris Point:  What is guiding your life?
   2. Balance money and happiness: Get your Polaris Point and your living in alignment.
   3. Earn from the inside out: Mix your passions and your profits.
   4. Focus on what you already have: People who emphasize what they already have, usually end up with the most.
   5. Create and commit to a plan: Decide to live the life you really want.
   6. Take profound, continuous action: Persist, persist, persist.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…right now is a great time to be involved in entrepreneurship! Now is the time to get educated and take your destiny into your own hands. Entrepreneurship is your ticket to prosperity. Check out Prosper—Create The Life You Really Want and learn how to control your prosperity and maintain your life balance.

Also remember to take part in the fun events we have scheduled surrounding the launch of the The Zig Zag Principle.