Our next Zig Zagger on team Zig Zag that’s heading down to St. George, Utah, later this week is Dave Heywood. His Favorite part of triathlon is…..the party afterward! Actually, he ultimately loves the swim and doing the swimming training. He says it’s very relaxing even though he’s working hard. Running is definitely the hardest part of the race for Dave. It comes at the end when you’re always so tired yet it’s also the most satisfying.

This tough athlete already participated in a Half Ironman Race in Indiana, a couple of months ago. The race included a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and running for 13.1 miles. He says, “The last 2 miles are pretty rough. I could see the end goal when I got closer to the finish line. It was satisfying accomplishing that goal and cross that line.”

His entrepreneurial dreams all started when he took a course in college while getting his master’s degree in International Management. While there he took a seminar on entrepreneurship and ever since then he has looked for opportunities. He’s had many different ventures to zig zag his way to success. He used to have an import company that imported leather goods from South America. Then he was an insurance agent for a while where he worked as an independent contractor, building up his own business. Another fun job that Dave has done for several companies, is when he heads up the sales training for entrepreneurs in multi-level-marketing companies. He helps the teams understand what they have to do to create sales for their business to grow and be successful.

Dave not only applies the Zig Zag Principle to his business, but he bootstraps each venture as well (he thinks it is more fun that way)! His latest is such an innovative idea that it should be very successful.
MZKWRX.COM is a platform that gives independent artists and bands the opportunity to partner with their fans to create a unique channel to distribute their music and increase their fan base. MZKWRX.COM leverages the power of social networking, text messaging, and great music to help artists reach new fans worldwide.

Right now MZKWRX is in the 1st stage of Zig Zag, which is driving to profitability. Dave would tell other entrepreneurs in this same phase the best way to get through this first drive is, “It’s crucial to stay focused. Even though you may zig zag along the way, keep a focus on that end goal. Knowing what you are going to have to do to get there and knowing that you‘re going have to go left and go right. But still don’t take your eye off of that end goal”

Most entrepreneurs think it requires a bunch of money to get your idea to market, but Dave has figured out the value equation and has applied it to his business to help him bootstrap it. It is:







Dave loves spending time with his wife and 5 children. One thing he appreciates about being an entrepreneur is that he gets to see more of his family and he likes that, especially when he works from home.

Dave has two favorite quotes, the first he has printed out and sitting on the wall next to him. It’s by a triathlon coach from down in Australia, Jeff Smith. “It’s better to be the driver than to be the passenger.” When you’re working for someone else you are the passenger and when you work for yourself you are the driver. He printed it off to remind himself daily as he builds his business that he’s the driver. It keeps him motivated.

The 2nd is from his dad. It doesn’t make much sense, but think about it when you finish a job, “It looks a lot more like it does now than it did before.” It means to Dave that hopefully now the job looks better. One way or another, a change has taken place. Think about it!

We’d like to wish Dave a fantastic race and best of luck to him and
www.mzkwrx.com (the site will be up shortly). In the meantime, find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mzkwrx.