Last week, I wrote about how to avoid hurricanes in your business. I talked about how important it is to get out of a storm’s way (both figurative and literal) when you know it’s coming, even if the skies look blue out your window.

But many businesses actually caught by hurricane Irene last weekend are now zig zagging their way to recovery. Less than a week has passed since cleanup began, and they are already letting everyone know they are open for businesses. They are looking to restart that all-important zig to profitability.

Disasters happen in life, both in business and out. No matter how well prepared you are or how closely you keep an eye on your business, you will one day get blindsided by a disaster. Resolving disasters is tricky business, but once you’ve faced the worst of the storm, remember to get back up and keep zig zagging!

After hugely disruptive moments like this, you may even need to revisit your entire zig zag plan. Your assets may have decreased significantly, or your beacon in the fog may have moved. Some of the processes you had well in place may now need changing, depending on the nature of your disaster. Also, keep an eye out for hidden opportunities. If something goes wrong in your business, it may be just what you need to help get you to an even better business.

No matter where you decide to go after a disaster, don’t forget to work on that essential profitability zig as soon as you know where you are headed.