Here I am just off the coast of Sicily, approaching the active volcano Stromboli. As I’m observing this right in front of me, I see there are some idiots that have built their houses right at the base of this active volcano (a volcano that’s been active for thousands of years). There are lava flows coming off of this thing. There are puffs of smoke going up in the air, yet despite all of these warning signs—some individuals have chosen to build their homes on the volcano.

Let me set this one right straight up front for you! In business, the only thing more dangerous than surrounding yourself with really volatile venders, really volatile suppliers, and really volatile customers—is being volatile and angry   yourself.

Indeed sitting on a volcano is a very precarious position to be in. I observed this yesterday in Pompeii. I spent the day in Naples and went out to see some of the sights in Pompeii. The most unfortunate, amazing, and predictable thing happens when a volcano blows. It buries and kills everybody.

So when you’re in business, learn to recognize the really volatile individuals and do everything that you can to avoid them. If you find yourself being the one who is volatile and quick to anger, I’d strongly encourage and advise you to get a grip on your emotions. At all costs, avoid building your home or your business on a volcano.