Today I took a young man named Landon Swenson and my dear friend Ellis Taylor up golfing at one of my favorite golf courses, Wasatch State Park. The outing was in celebration of Landon leaving for a couple of years to serve an LDS mission in the Philippines.

As we started out the day I had a beautiful fairway drive. I got up on the drain three feet from the pin. Then I got a little awkward and ended up missing the three foot birdie putt. That mess up got embedded so deeply in my mind that throughout the rest of the day, every single three-foot putt was a mess.

Each time I got wobbly kneed, crooked, and started thinking, “Don’t miss it, don’t miss it!” Then…panic! I ended up missing almost every three-foot putt that I had today. By the time I got done I had counted seven putts. I put in an incredible round, but I couldn’t hit the easiest shot that there was.

As I thought about this, I realized how frequently I have done that in business. Sometimes I have a straightforward, simple task to do in business, something I just need to finalize it and put it to bed, but I over think it. I get too stressed out. I get too tied up in it, and I end up over-contriving and jimmy-rigging the thing until it ends up a failure.

When you are in business, go with your gut intuition. Don’t put every little thing through too much brain processing. When you have something difficult, go forward with confidence. You will have a much higher probability of success and you won’t miss all your three-foot putts.