I have a friend and business associate who usually introduces me as a nerd—he assures me it’s a good thing. Last week I sat on a panel and was not called a nerd. Instead, this associate said, “I am pimping out Rich.” (Hum, is that a better intro?) He went on to say that although I’m passionate about sharing the Zig Zag Principle with everyone, I am indeed an SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization) with valuable insights to share.

It’s true. I have used SEO as a power hammer in various businesses.

I want to emphasize it is one of the tools I use, but it is not the only tool. So with that introduction, I want to outline the three major components of SEO done right. I call it the three legs of the SEO stool. 

The first leg is content—rich, relevant, fresh, new content. If you are using old, cruddy content…forget it. Game over. You can’t even start to compete with weak content.

The second leg of the stool is structure. Structure means ensuring the meta data: the meta tags and meta titles are specifically tuned and accurate. Meta data consists entirely of controllable elements. Although there are approximately 50 variables that go into meta data, the good news is that there are only a few things to look at. 

–    The structure of your website has to be aligned with the keywords you are targeting.
–    The keywords also have to align with all of the meta data (including the meta title, meta description, header 1, all text tags, etc.). 

Meta data is technical stuff. However, if you don’t understand it, you can get pretty much any SEO guy to help you implement and get that structure right. You’ll easily learn the meta data rules. And that’s the second sturdy leg.

The third leg of the SEO stool is the hardest, but only because of the time involved. This leg consists of the links to your site. Search Engine Optimization works similarly to how we as humans operate. The more people (sites) you have pointing to you and saying “That is a smart person on such and such topic.” the more authority you (and your site) have. Of course sites with more authority rank higher. So the goal is to get other people with authority linking to your site. That gives you rank. And that helps you get to the top of the search engines. 

It’s really that simple.

Although there is a lot of hard work involved, SEO success really is based on this three-legged stool. Pay attention to those three aspects then you’ll find success.

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