Components of the Zig Zag Principle

Before you can begin to zig and zag, there are certain foundational elements that you must build upon in order to succeed, as well as some critical tools you will need.  This book is organized around the following tried and true principles that will help you make your way to the top of any peak you decide to summit. 

  1. Assessing Resources

  2. Identifying Your Beacon in the Fog

  3. Creating Catalyzing Statements

  4. Driving to Profitability

  5. Defining Processes and Adding Resources

  6. Scaling Your Business

  7. Staying within Your Guardrails

  8. Developing Reward Systems

Chapters 1-3 provide your foundation, which I like to compare to a road trip.  Think of the resources as your vehicle.  It may be an old clunker that, on a good day, may get you across town.  It may be a jacked-up, high-powered four-wheel drive that knows no fear.  Or it may be a vintage Mercedes that you’ll only drive when there is not a cloud on the horizon.  Think of the Beacon in the Fog as your destination.  When you jump in your car in New York City and decide you’re heading to San Francisco, there’s no way you can see the Golden Gate Bridge.  But you know it’s there, and, if you’re smart, you’ve mapped out a route that will take you there.  Think of Catalyzing Statements as the fuel that will get you to your goal.  Once you get the foundation for your business in place, then you can begin to zig and zag.  The Zig Zag Principle for growing your business follow a specific pattern: 

  • Zig #1 Always get to Cash (chapter 4)

  • Zig #2 Adding Resources (chapter 5)

  • Zig #3 Scaling the Business (chapter 6)

In chapter 7, we’ll discuss how important it is to establish your own personal guardrails so you don’t find yourself driving off a cliff as you fly down the road.  I’ll share mine, and encourage you to find yours.

Chapter 8 introduces the concept of reward systems.  Zigzagging is hard work.  And now and then you need to pause and reward yourself, your associates, and those family members and friends who are supporting you.

This book is a step-by-step, tactical book.  It is not a theory or a vague concept.  You will get practical application tips you can use to succeed, not just in business but also in your life.  In addition, you will be provided with a suite of resources and tools that you can use on-line and off-line to assist and use in your progression. 

In my years in business—whether working for someone or pursuing my own dreams—I have had several multi-million dollar failures, in addition to several multi-million dollar successes.  Many of the failures were of my own doing; and, thankfully, enough of them were not. I can honestly say that in most instances, I failed because I tried to go straight for my goal and then ran out of gas before I hit profitability.  The Zig Zag Principle is not easy.  It requires discipline, hard work, tenacity, and focus.  It is not a lazy man’s game.  And it is what will help you achieve the successes you seek.