Who is crazy enough to blend an iPad?  Someone who gets viral marketing and has the YouTube page views to prove it – George Wright!

This past week I sat on a panel titled: “Utah Social Media Kings”  We spent an hour discussing the applications, uses and benefits of social media.  We also discussed the equally important misapplications of social media.

The panel consisted of:
David Bradford
Paul Allen
George Wright
And myself – Rich Christiansen

Let me summarize a few key take-aways from this panel discussion:

  1. Don’t try using all media for all purposes. I use social media for SEO, for promotion of my book: ZigZag Principle, platforming building and maintaining business relationships.  The tool for each of these purposes is dramatically different for each of these.  Identify which social media best serves your purpose and zero-in on one or two
  2. Understand your purpose clearly before engaging in social media
  3. Keep your content real, raw and relevant.  Meaning, don’t be fake, artificial, plastic or spammy.
  4. Know your tools.  Facebook is a great personal communication tool.  It can also provide a forum for targeted segment promotions.  Linked-in is great for business connections.  Twitter is great for quick thought promotion, but often misused.

In summary, if you don’t carefully engage in social media, then you can easily waste not only your time and resources but that of others; there is a big difference between motion and momentum.

One of the comments that I made that I think is particularly important is that this medium allows us to very carefully democratize media targets.  The example I like to use is with my children.  My teenage sons like to watch Julian Smith and his waffles segment.  They laugh uncontrollably every time this video is played. 

While my wife and I look at each other perplexed.

On the other hand my wife and I will play “swagger wagon” over and over musing at the great humor, while my kids look at us as if we were born in the last century.

After the panel discussion, we entertained a few questions and then I took the opportunity to interview George Wright for a few tid-bits of advice.  For those of you who don’t know George, he was the brain trust behind the campaign: “Will it Blend”; which has become one of the definitive case studies for how to generate traffic using social media resources.  I hope you enjoy his comments: