Raising your HDL Level is bad right?   ….   Well not in Gary Kadi’s context.


Gary Kadi was introduced to me by Garrett Gunderson several months ago.   In the last several months I have connected with Gary a total of four times  in Utah,  in NYC and in LA.  I instantly found a connection with Gary because of his transparency and high energy.  My level of respect has increased in each interaction.

Gary is considered the world leading authority on dental practice management.   He has written several highly acclaimed books including:

Million Dollar Dentistry and the book that I discuss with him in the video below Raise Your HDL .

This is a book that you will certainly enjoy.

 Gary has a son who was diagnosed with sever Autism.  Gary openly confesses that he did not initially respond to this challenge appropriately.  He eventually  came to the conclusion that he was going to face it head on and deal with it. Gary and his wife have moved heaven and earth to address this seemingly impossible situation.  Guess what,  indeed they have had success.  I respect anyone who faces their daemons rather than hide from them.

Gary lives what he preaches which seems to be a rarity these days.  Enjoy Gary everyone.