‘They’re the best and the brightest. The hip and the happenin’. The bold and the brave.’

Rich was recently recognized by Utah Valley Business Q magazine as one of the ten coolest entrepreneurs in Utah Valley! With the incredible amount of entrepreneurs and small business start-ups here in the Valley, this was a really fun recognition to receive. You go cool cat!

Here is a quick sampling of the article:

‘Rich Christiansen is the definition of entrepreneur. The tried-and-true businessman has founded 28 companies – eight of which had been multimillion dollar successes. He even co-wrote a go-to guide for entrepreneurs called “Bootstrap Business” and founded an uber-successful company (CastleWave) simply to test the principles in the book. We know, right?’

Check out the full question & answer article in the Winter 2009 issue of BusinessQ:

Congrats, Rich!