Today I continue to describe the positive results that inspiration and spiritual enlightenment can give an entrepreneur.

Don’t underestimate the power of spiritual energy and insight in helping you complete your tasks. Praying, meditating, and pondering are powerful tools to be used when you are attempting to determine viable business ideas. Once you have an idea that has merit, confirm that feeling with your Supreme Being, your Tao. When you start focusing and seeking help in this manner, you will be amazed at what comes your way. You may think it coincidental, but I prefer to call it Providential.

Inspiration has to be sought for. It may not come immediately, but it will come. The answer might not be what you expect or even perhaps what you would have chosen. But in my experience, it’s always been better than anything I could have planned for myself.

Sometimes, clarity of focus has come to me when I have been lying down to go to bed. Other times, it has come early in the morning hours after I have had a restful night’s sleep. I have found that it is wise for me to keep a paper and a pen by my bed so that I can write ideas down as they come. Aside from having trouble in deciphering my handwriting the next day, the system works. Another place I get inspiration and ideas is in a warm, soothing shower. Sometimes I find myself dripping across the room to my paper and pen to jot the idea down before I forget it.

Don’t put a solid line of demarcation between what you believe and your business ventures. It may not be a popular technique, or at least one not openly talked about, but I find that if I take the most important parts of my life—family, faith, entrepreneurship—and let them influence each other, I’m more receptive to good ideas, wherever they may come from. Whether you have spiritual roots or not, I encourage you to test the power of pondering and prayer.

Porter’s Points—A.S.K.

• Don’t be afraid to include your own spiritual beliefs in the full circle of your life.
• Whatever your source of Divine Inspiration, tap into it!
• Recognize the pattern of when and how your inspiration comes. Doing so (a) creates the space required to hear it and feel it and (b) provides opportunity to record it and act upon it.

Not only is it helpful to seek inspiration when evaluating business ideas, you will also find it valuable to have a higher purpose in mind for your business than making millions. We’ll talk more about that tomorrow!