My oldest son John Christiansen is a 16 year old Junior in High School. Each day I observe as he gets himself up at 5:30 am and heads down to the high school, trumpet in tow and practices with the marching band. I have simply been amazed at his level of commitment and how seriously he has taken this extra circular activity.

Today they held the Battle of the Bands at Payson High. One major problem was it was freezing cold and raining freezing bullets. My family and I huddled in our coats, ran into the bleachers covered with blankets and watched in amazement as these kids held in formation, soaking as they prepared the field. Each band had prepared 3 numbers and nothing was going to deny them from completing these numbers. Amazingly the band really sounded good, but I knew that it could not be pleasant as the flag twirlers slipped and slided and their flags drooped around the pole due to being saturated with water.

I could not help but feel a very strong sense of pride in my son as he stepped forward, held his trumpet high and bellowed out a solo he had been assigned. I knew how cold his fingers had to be but he lifted his horn acting as if the sun was shining and blew like the entire city had come to hear him play. I must admit I had a few tears come to my eyes knowing the sacrifices he had made and his willingness to do the hard things.

Often times in life and business we do get rained on. It makes it difficult to stand up and deliver. We have several choices. 1. Quit or 2. Stand up and deliver under the circumstances.

Very seldom is it about the song. It is more about the character with how you deliver …. Win or lose

I choose to follow the example of my son … once committed stand-up and blow like the sun is shinning. .