Full Red Moon

On the 28th of August a full lunar eclipse of the moon occurred. A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the moon passes through some part of the earth’s shadow. This can happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are closely aligned with the Earth in the middle. This particular eclipse only occurs once in seven years and was supposed to be highly visible in the Western United States.

I have several sons who are quite excited about astronomy and were interested in seeing this eclipse. Against my better judgment, I found myself waking all of my older sons up at 4:00 AM on a school night to experience a “Red Moon”. The moon did indeed turn red as well as my eyes the entire next day. My third son who was the strongest advocate of wanting to awake was moody the entire next day. But we survived the experience and in hind site I am thrilled we made the effort to awake and experience this rare occurrence.

The next day at the office, I told this story to several of our team members. I drew the parallel that in entrepreneurship there are also lunar eclipses that are rare and if you plan on seeing them and benefiting from them, you have to be willing to make extreme sacrifices. This often involves waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning more than once. I call these business opportunities “waves”. When you experience one, it is hard to forget. That is what makes entrepreneurship exciting and fun. And you know what? Very few individuals are willing to make the sacrifice to “get up at 4:00 AM” and go for the ride.