Wild Flower On Loafer

In life, the only thing more miserable for me than watching a parade is going to Disneyland. As a result on the 4th of July, my wife and two of my sons set out at 5 AM and climbed a local mountain called Mt. Loafer. Loafer is a relatively small mountain at 10,685 feet, but it is absolutely beautiful hike meandering through meadows of countless wild flowers mixed with pine trees.

We all grumbled about such an early start, but we knew that we did not want to be in the heat of the day with the sun beating us to death as we were still grabbing altitude.

As we made our way through the first several miles of the forest my sons came nose to nose with a small bear. The encounter caused both bear and boys to run the opposite direction. Soon after the “bear incident” we made our way up the steep switchbacks to the top of the first ridge line where we had a beautiful view of both sides of the valley. As the early morning light hit the peaks and as we strode through the flower covered meadows my son commented. This is my kind of parade a wild flower parade.

Cirque Final Ridge Loafer

Why do I like to climb mountains? If is the same reason I am attracted to starting businesses. There is no lying to yourself. You can’t fake the market (at least not long term) and you have to put real deliberate often painful effort into reach your goals. There is no buffer and the pains and joys in both ventures are compounded.

As we got to the top of the mountain we looked down on the valley below knowing a parade was now in session and we all commented.

The people down there just don’t know what they have missed. While they were sleeping and sitting in lawn chairs, we were smelling wild flowers.

Dead Tree Mountain

The pain, sacrifice, determination, and will to get to the peak is what makes it enjoyable. Anything worth having in life is difficult. Whether a building a business, or grinding up a mountain peak one step at a time, it is the challenge and having to face what you have inside yourself that keeps us coming back for more.