This past week as a family reward I was able to take 3 of my sons and my daughter to see Les Miserable’ for the first time in their life. This is my favorite Broadway play and inevitably moves me to tear up. This showing was no exception.

I was intrigued with the perceptions that my children had of the play. I also took great joy in watching their reaction. The life long balance of mercy vs. justice, and having rules vs. total chaos really struck my children. They were particularly moved in the senseless death of Gavroche the young boy killed at the barricade.

My 14 year old son really made the summary statement as we were driving home that night. In relationship to Javert and his clench on hunting down Jean Valjean, he stated. “Man, I felt like going down on the stage and shaking the guy, he just needed to learn to let it go already.

So it is. We all have things in our lives that we have to “just let it go already”. Whether a bad relationship, someone who has done us wrong, or just a bad experience. Those that end up most miserable and dismal in life are those who simply don’t let it go.