This past month I have been working with Warner Music to analyze a number of their artist’s sites and help them develop a viable search and strategy. Today I began working on the site of Michael Buble. I think I have single handedly loaded the home page more than the rest of the USA combined. Now that is saying something because he was on Oprah today.

How do you know if an musician is really good, well today I discovered the answer. If you actually look forward to the music playing when you start a web page, that is really a good first step. Very seldom do I find the web home page an acceptable location to play an unsolicited song. The second litmus test is if you have head the song 11,452 times in one day and have not went insane, then you might have know that they have a little talent.

As I was driving home tonight, I heard on the radio that Michael Buble was performing in SLC on July the 17th 2007. I have on my task list to order tickets. I am even considering downloading one of the Michael Buble ring tones.

Last week I worked on a site that was heavy metal, and I will put it this way . It was NOT “my mothers type of music”. For that matter, it was not my type of music either! Anyways, at the end of the day I was so stressed out and onery that my family hid under the furniture whenever I entered a room.

Tonight I found myself light, happy and in a great mood. I even went and downloaded 2 of his CD’s onto my Ipod.

I know all the head shrinks have already told us this, but the music we listen to makes a huge difference. You can “Call Me Irresponsible” but I am a new fan of Buble. If you have not heard his music before, it is worth checking out.