This past Friday I had the opportunity to have a discussion with one of our new team members. This young man has a tremendous amount of zeal and reminds me of myself in the early years of my career. He has an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit, and with out doubt will have great successes in his life as he becomes more seasoned. Friday my partner and I sat down and had a discussion with him regarding the week and the amazing efforts of the other members of the team. As we concluded I made a statement to him that is appropriate to share in this management metaphor context. The comment was:

The race very seldom goes to the fastest
The prize to the smartest
The award to the most beautiful
Or the brass ring to the most clever
Most often, the individual who simply refuses to die and is willing to keep going, keep pressing, and keep trying when everyone else stops is the one who eventually will get the win.

Determination, persistence, and an unconquerable soul in my opinion are the most important elements of establishing a successful new business.

I would much rather have B talent and A effort on my teams than A talent and B effort.

I do not recall a week in the past 10 years where I have seen a team work so hard, so committed, so focused, and so intensely driven to accomplish a series of goals. Much of the team has been working through the night this week to complete a successful product launch.

I take great pride and joy in associating with individuals who are striving to do something of significance against all odds.

One of my favorite quotes is:

Do it
Do it now
Do it with a purpose
and make no small plans
for they have not the magic to stir the soul of man

President Spencer W. Kimball

The win or loss is not as important to me as how the battle is fought, however, I find myself craving this win as much as I recall craving anything in a long time. Due primarily because of the tenacity and spirit of this rag tag little team of warriors who refuse to die despite all odds.