My 15 year old son has developed a wonderful taste for modern new age music. Last night at his strong encouragement and persistent ankle biting, our family went to see Jon Schmidt perform. I was very familiar with Jon’s music in that my son is attempting to learn a number of his selections on the piano, but the environment (Thanksgiving Point Amphitheater) coupled with Jon’s sincere energy and love for what he was doing deeply moved me.

What most struck me about this concert was the use of tempo to control the flow and emotion of the music. I spent much of the evening reflecting on the similarities in life. The concert in many ways was condensed realization of life. Each song representing a different phase, emotion, and learning experience in life.

– The Dumb Song – the joy that happens some times as you just allow life to happen in a random and non-sequential way.

– Waterfall – the flurry of joy and overwhelming responsibilities of being a parent of a family. Brief respite of relief followed by intense flurries of rewarding but tiring activity.

– Tribute – a beautiful song he wrote for his sister Rose-Anne

– I Do – the deep inner expressions of love to a faithful devoted spouse

His music spoke to my soul and awakened my desire to matter on a level much deeper than that of being a successful businessman or a just a good man. My soul was stirred to reach deeper and strive for a greater purpose.

The past several months have been a period of deep reflection and inner searching. I guess the conclusion I reached last night after this concert was, you don’t get anywhere by talking or thinking about something, only by getting to it. To that end, I am getting to it.

The past seven years I have been composing a list of short little stories with applicable life lessons. I have felt very compelled that one of my life missions was to use my talent for drawing life lessons into short fun little stories. I have long planned to write a book titled “Management metaphors”. This blog is my seeding ground for this book

Why do this? …… I do not claim to be brilliant, I do not claim to be the most handsome, nor the fastest. My successes in life have come from two sources.

1. I build others and stand for the underdog.
2. I simply do not give up.

I guess my deep desire is in some way is to make a mark in life by helping lift up, build, and teach a few of the key lessons of success that I have learned to others who are also not the “golden children”.

One of my strongest desires in life is to use my entrepreneurial talents and leadership abilities to help enable the development of 3rd world countries. Although I do not see a direct path to this goal, I feel strongly completed that by beginning this process, some door will open that will all the provisions of my thoughts to be used as blueprints for aiding others to find success in some small measure.

I have associates that blog for fame, glory, or to be considered a thought leader. This is not my motivation nor is it my desire. I am very hopeful that my thoughts and postings will be consumed only by a intimate group of close individuals who are of like mind in relationship to life philosophy.

I am looking forward to attempting to express the joys and sorrows and learning of the Tempo of Life in the form of a series of short life experiences.